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The home of displayed - stored - wrecked airliners

This homepage shows stored, derelict and displayed aircraft wherever we find them.
Any report or new information about status or possibility of taking pictures of the planes is very welcome !

Known planes are shown in this menu. Also main exhibits in museums.

There are links to the museums, if they got a homepage. We do not want to list every plane here. Each museum has planes you never heard of. But if they have a Caravelle, it will be listed in the planes menu.

These will be shown with screenshots of former airports. Airports like Kai Tak, Kemayoran or Xian will be shown here.

The main storage places are well known, most of then can be found in the southwest of the USA. But there are several others. I found a nice source for the inbounds and the planes are listed in order of arrival.


04.04.2013   started with the storages inbound traffic
06.04.2013   Philippines / Clark / Majestic B.727
06.04.2013   Ethiopia / Tu-154 / Debre Zeyta
07.04.2013   Sao Tome / L-1049H / Sao Tome
08.09.2013   a lot of storages poked in

credits to:
Felix Goetting, Heinz Rentmeister, N14AZ, Reiner Geerdts